My journey became a lifestyle ?>

My journey became a lifestyle

These days, you frequently hear about people leaving their life behind. Quitting their jobs, kissing their families goodbye and booking a one way airplane ticket out. Years ago it made even less sense, why would you leave everything behind? But I did. I quit, I kissed and I bought that airplane ticket.
Which, honestly, is the best thing I’ve ever done.

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Hilse De Groote


After travelling for a few years, my way of thinking changed a lot.

  • Let go, it is important to let go of everything that pulls you down. Everything which has a negative atmosphere. If you can’t fix it, then let go. It took some years myself, but once you do it’s such a relief. You’re able to concentrate on your own life and on the people that make you feel happy.
  • Earth is your home. It’s nice to have a house, a home. And we love to make it a cosy place to live in, that’s ok. But don’t forget, in the end it are only stone walls. It doesn’t make your life full.
  • Openminded, sounds easier then it is. We have an opinion of everything and we were raised with what is right and wrong. It is not easy to let go of that. But in de end, nobody really knows. Be open to what people share with you and give it some time. Maybe you can learn from it.
  • Be a kid, play, laugh, don’t take life too seriously. Was is really that bad when we were kids? When we still believed everything was possible? Dream, imagine and do it.
  • Do what you want and do it NOW. There is only one thing we are absolutely sure of and thats about this very moment. Choose to be happy, not in 40 years, not in 30 years, but right now. This is your moment, your shot, your life.
  • Take risks, I would avoid to take financial risks such as a loan. But I did travel around with almost nothing in my pockets, or no idea where to sleep and I always found ways to survive. Sometimes it pushes you into directions you never expected. It can bring up amazing experiences.
  • Relationships, they are beautiful, but we expect so much of it we forget what it’s all about. Looking for that one person who makes us complete, but why do you need someone to be complete? Why do we need someone to solve all of our problems? A partner is like your best friend, threat her or him like it and solve your own problems because only you can.
  • Distance, it makes you appreciate the time you have together. Some friendships became more intense since I travel. Don’t forget to show your love, a hug, a hand on their shoulder, nice words. We often expect our loved ones to know that we care about them. But the truth is, we can’t say it enough.
  • Why me? This is a question I used to asked myself a lot. Why do I have to do this, why does this happen to me? We are so focused on it but the truth is, it happens to everyone. And sometimes it happens for reasons we don’t understand yet. I stopped asking myself this question and it really changed my life.
  • Anything is possible, when you are ready to make compromises almost anything is possible. You give and you take, that is how it works. But never, never give up.
  • Bad moments pass, let them be and keep looking for the good ones.


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