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A Girl

Yes, I am girl. You guessed well! A 30 year old girl to be precise.Ronde
In 2007 I finished my studies at the Film Academy in Brussels, film has been a passion ever since. Travelling the world for the past 5 years, sharing my stories, my adventures of a life time. Gathered in ‘A Girl From Earth’.

As the sun started to lose its strength to another continent, the colour palette around the Lagio Maggiore gained a higher contrast.
I stayed in an apartment on the hill, with a terrace watching from the first row. After the fierce heat that day the earth took a long breather whereby the sound largely reduced. The railing under my elbows felt like it was the only tangible thing in all of this. And for a moment it seemed as though the earth took the time to listen to me. Or maybe it was the other way around.
My heart rate slowed down, my eyes took in the surroundings, and deep inside it sounded like a soft sigh: ‘I don’t want to go back home’


For the first time the idea arose, ‘Maybe I don’t have to go back home’? ‘Maybe I can actually find a way to live abroad’? I wrote pages full of idea’s, however nothing happened. How was I going to leave everything behind? What when it turns out to be a mistake and I can’t turn back time?

I had very high expectations of life. I was motivated and willing to be successful. School has been a preparation so far, real life was right ahead of me. Taking many jobs and working long hours in the film industry. Except on Saturday’s, Saturday was the day I earned some extras in a restaurant in the city.
One day, two english customers came in and sat down at their table. The tall sir asked if we had scampi’s on the menu. Of course we have scampi’s in Belgium, I will order them right away.

However, once his plate arrived the man looked less enthusiastic. “Is everything alright sir?”
He looked up and explained me he had no idea what these creatures on his plate were. The scampi’s looked big enough not to be confused with shrimps, so slowly I tried again: “These are scampi’s sir.”
“These are not scampi’s at all!” He shouted.

At first, I guessed it was probably a trap, like the question whether green is actually green. We had a professor at school who liked to tease shop attendants with similar remarks. But no, the English gentlemen still looked very serious about this matter. 
Nor could I break the ice with the deep frozen bag, straight from our freezer, on top large letters ‘SCAMPI’ written on it. Again he snapped that it definitely weren’t scampi’s on his plate.
I learned very fast that growing up…, that real life…, that scampi’s aren’t actually scampi’s.Shrimp

So, when scampi’s aren’t scampi’s, then why don’t we just do what we enjoy in life?
What do you have to lose when you’re unhappy anyway. I don’t know what the future will bring, but at least I know I can be happy now. And I definitely choose to be happy.


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