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film1I still remember the moment I received my very first camera. I was about 14 years old when my father took me to the shop, holding my brand new camera made me feel like the happiest girl in the world.
15 Years later I still travel with a camera by my side.
Why I love to film so much? ‘Sometimes an image can say much more then 1000 words’, then imagine what a 1000 images can do.



Currently I’m working on the post production of ‘The Riders of the Arctic’. The documentary is about the Finnmarkslopet, the biggest dogsledding race of Europe. Every year mushers from all over the World can participate. A route longer than 1000 km which passes through the rough but amazing Arctic; a race with hundreds of huskies. Definitely, a scenery you don’t see every day. It takes months of training through wind and storm, not to forget the importance of the bond between the dog and his musher. 
The Finnmarkslopet is a huge organisation in Finnmark with nearly 700 volunteers. ‘The riders of the Arctic’ follows the adventure from close by.


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